Some Specific Areas Where We Can Help...

Organize your money—know what's coming in and going out.

Build a budget that's easy to stick to.

Get out of debt and build an emergency fund.

Invest your money wisely and in alignment with your values.

Plan your self-employment or small business.

Help you click the buttons on scary financial sites and move forward with your money.




Every month

Reduced fee of $40 after first six months


Every month

Reduced fee of $70 after first six months


Every Plan Includes

Onboarding session with your dedicated planner

Access to our Money Positive software to organize your finances, see your plan, and check off your action items

Meeting every other week to check in and work on your plan for the first two months

Revisiting your budget and step-by-step action plan

Monthly check-ins for the next four months

Quarterly, or as needed check-ins thereafter. You can always schedule ad hoc calls with your planner

Not ready to take the plunge? Chat with a planner to decide if we are a good fit.