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Is there an annual commitment?

Nope! You can cancel at any time, but most people find it helpful to continue working with a planner who is familiar with their life and can help evolve their plan over time.

Will I work with the same person every time?

Yes! We believe in building a relationship and getting to know you and your goals. (Note: our Financial Coaches will help you with most everything, but a Money Positive investment Advisor will join a call if you need specific investment advice).

Does Money Positive provide investment advice?

Yes. Money Positive is a Registered Investment Advisor and will tell you exactly how to invest for retirement. You can see our registration here:

Do you manage my investments on my behalf?

We offer advice only. We will give you advice, we’ll screen share with you while you make your investments. But you have to click the buttons.

I don’t make a lot of money... why would I pay someone to help me manage my finances?

After your introductory call, you and your planner can decide if Money Positive is a good fit. In most cases, we help people pay down debt faster than they would on their own, which means the amount you save in interest far exceeds the amount you pay us. Plus, once you have a system in place for emergencies and important expenses, you will rely on your credit card less and less, which will continue to help you save! We will also help to hold you accountable for sticking to your budget and organize everything in a way that makes it easier for you.

What does “fee-only” mean?

Many traditional planners take a percentage of your net worth, which means the more wealth you build, the more they take. Our pricing is transparent, consistent, and reduces after the first six months, so while you build wealth, Money Positive will take a smaller and smaller chunk of that.

Why doesn’t this cost more?

We charge a fraction of what many other planners charge. The mission of our co-op is help regular people build financial security, and we built the company around that. Our custom software lets us be efficient and personal so we can keep our prices accessible.

I’m self-employed, can you help me?

Yes! We love helping self-employed people, or helping people become self employed. We are personal financial advisors, and when you are self employed business is very personal. While we can not do your bookkeeping or taxes we can help in many other ways. Such as figuring out the business structure (ie. LLC, co-op, S Corp), getting business checking accounts, and paying yourself

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