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Unscary Financial Planning for Everyone

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Financial security is freedom.

Freedom from worry, freedom to pursue your dreams. 

You Don't Have to Build a System on Your Own

And you don't have to hire your parents' financial planner. Money Positive is here to help:

  • Design a simplified, custom financial system that works for you. 

  • Implement it with a dedicated accountability partner and achievable goals.

  • Provide guidance and advice that meets your needs.

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You're Not Alone


of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

Source: CareerBuilder


of workers making $100,000 or more are in debt

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Decide if Money Positive is right for you.

Money Positive is Worker-Owned

The company is owned and operated by the people that work here. We think this is the right way to build a company and that we will make better decisions because we are accountable to our clients and to each other.

Meet Our Planners


Lewis Weil

Investment Advisor and Founder


Annie Son

Investment Advisor


Kavita Koppa

Investment Advisor

and the rest of the team!

Y'all. Money Positive is B Corp certified. We are the first financial planning company in Texas to achieve this designation. This means we hold ourselves to high ethical, environmental, and social standards. 

We started by helping artists, and now we are here to help everyone. We strive to help BIPOC, LBGTQ+, and traditionally underrepresented people. 

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Paul Stiverson

Software Development

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