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Financial Planner - Remote 

We are looking for smart and kind people to join our Financial Planning team. Most financial planning companies are focused on asset management for the already wealthy. Money Positive Cooperative provides unscary financial planning to everyone. Since moderate income and self-employed persons often get deprioritized by traditional planning or advisory services, we specialize in helping artists, creatives, folks with non-traditional income, and just plain working people who want a non “capitalism-first” approach to financial planning. The rewards run deep! We get to help people break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, start their own businesses, pursue their passions, buy their first homes, plan for having children, and help couples (or more) merge their finances. As a financial planner at Money Positive, you will play an important role in helping people live the life they want. 


Money Positive is a B Corp, meaning we are required to fulfill a high standard in our policies and actions toward social, business, and environmental impact. Money Positive is cooperatively owned and operated by its employees, which means after a trial period you are eligible to become an equal owner in the co-op. Cooperative businesses are run democratically -  by design, your voice will matter as much as anyone else’s in matters salient to the operation of the business. 


Salary: $20/h*

Hours: 8h-32h (32h is full-time at Money Positive); preference is full-time but we are open to part-time hires 

Benefits: 401k with match, monthly wellness stipend, enrichment stipend, flexible schedule, paid holidays

Equity: Employees who are invited to be members of the co-op after a trial period become equal owners in the business which includes voting rights and patronage dividends


Job Duties:

  • Meet with prospective clients to learn about them and explain our services

  • Provide ongoing financial planning support to clients with budgeting, debt strategies, investment advice, goal setting, etc.

  • Manage your calendar and scheduling your portfolio of clients 

  • Optionally, crosstrain with other departments in the co-op. Members are encouraged to explore their interests and grow their skills! 


Job Requirements:

  • A desire to be customer-facing and provide non-judgemental support

  • Enjoy helping people and be a good listener

  • Studying to pass the Series 65 Exam


Would be cool but not required:

  • Experience in co-ops


  • Experience in counseling, social work, or general skills in navigating emotional conversations and decision making

  • Completed Series 65 

  • A background in the arts

  • Financial planning experience

  • Live in Pacific Time Zone


We will train new planners on financial content, so no worries if you don’t have this background.  Much more important to us is a willingness to learn combined with an ability to work with people.


All candidates will be considered. Women, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and BIPOC folks are encouraged to apply! Don’t be shy even if you feel like a nontraditional fit - we love non-traditional fits!


Send a brief email about why you’re interested in being a Money Positive financial planner  to


*We understand and personally believe a living wage that allows people to flourish is more than $20. As the cooperative continues to grow, we are committed to putting more and more resources towards employee income. As a start-up focused on accepting mission-aligned investment, this is simply our current reality. Hourly pay is equal across all members. 

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